Monday, December 20, 2010

Breaking: Facebook’s First Acquisition in a Muslim Country- Octazen Solutions - ArabCrunch

Breaking: Facebook’s First Acquisition in a Muslim Country- Octazen Solutions - ArabCrunch: "Around a week ago, the most popular social network in the world Facebook acquired a 2 employee Malaysian startup, called Octazen Solutions , which develops contact importer software that facebook was reported using for some time now, according to GigaOM today’s story by Liz Gannes .

Facebook spokesmen told GigaOM that this is a “talent acquisition” and that Octazen will remain based in Malaysia, making them the first Facebook’s “visible” full time employees based in Asia. ( We heard there are few of others who work form 2 Arab countries.)

Facebook has now 400 million users, including 250 million added last year alone, email invites was the main reason behind its growth and Octazen Contact importer played a pivotal rule in Facebook expansion, since they made it easy for facebook users to import their email address-book after the users submits his email and password. As users usually do not remember their contacts email addresses and even if they did, they won’t type 100 email address to invite.

Before the acquisition Octazen was licenseing its software to other customers.

If anything the Octazen story can teach entrepruners: focusing on solving a small problem with 2 team members can be more fruitful than trying to solve big and complex problems, and you do not need to be in Silicon Valley to start something global.

With this acquisition facebook has now acquired 3 companies including Friendfeed and Parakey.

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